Iftar in Saudi

Ramadan Mubarak friends. I hope the first day of fasting was successful for each one of you. Mine was pretty smooth maybe because I ate a nice sahoor and kept myself busy through the day. My family and I went to eat at my favorite place here in Riyadh called Al-Nafoura Seafood. They truly spoil you and I just love that. And the best thing is I had no mess to clean up. As you enter your served dates and Saudi coffee and then you are ushered to your private room were a pot of Saudi coffee and more dates… Continue reading

Haleeb Bil Hail

Haleeb Bil Hail means milk with cardamom. While growing up my mother in law used to serve this drink to my husband before school. Its a great drink for kids that do not like milk and for anyone else who just loves an exotic drink. I love to have this drink just as much as coffee or tea, its that good. To bruise a cardamom you just carefully press it until it opens. I do this with cardamom pods before I add them to anything. You can also adjust the sugar to your taste as well. I always discard the… Continue reading

Food in Riyadh

Who does not love food? I love having good food at good restaurants. Here are some succulent food pictures from around Riyadh at some pretty fabulous places (to me anyway). If your ever here in Riyadh drop by and I promise you will not be sorry. This is a list of my top three.

Diamond Restaurant
location: Tayliha right next to Second Cup
cuisine: Asian Fusion
thoughts: You walk in and you feel like you traveled out of Saudi Arabia. The decor is amazing with top if the line service. The food was so delicious and they have great sushi.… Continue reading

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