Saudi Coffee

 While Al-Qahwa is a symbol of hospitality throughout the Arab world, in the Arabian Gulf hospitality is incomplete without Al-Qahwa. It is served day and night, at all social gatherings, offices, parties, weddings and condolence visits. Anything sweet such as dates are served with the coffee.

Al-Qahwa is served by a moqahwai or by the youngest person at the gathering, or perhaps by the host, depending on the occasion and the social rank of the host. The server should always hold the dullah with his left hand and the fanajeen stacked in his right. Using the left hand to… Continue reading

Chai Nana

The first person that ever made me mint tea (chai nana) was my husband right after we got married. I had never tried very much variety of tea so this was all new to me. I immediately fell in love with it. This is such a refreshing drink that it goes well for morning or evening. You can add fresh mint leaves in the tea cup or around it for a pretty garnish. Saudis have this drink quite often and it also is known to settle tummy problems.

4 cups cold water
4 black tea bags
1/4 cup fresh mint… Continue reading

Tuna Kofta

This is such an easy meal or snack to make. These decadent little balls go perfect with just about anything like rice, pasta, pita bread or fries like we do. Tuna is a not only a Najd classic to cook with but also Southern Saudis. You will even find tuna kabsa in those areas of Saudi. Tuna is extremely cheap and sure makes some great meals so go ahead and try it see how you impress your family and yourself.

2 large cans of tuna in water
2 eggs
2 slices of sandwich bread
1 tablespoon Arabic spice mix
1/2… Continue reading

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