Balila is one of Saudis most sought after snacks. You will find balila stands practically everywhere in Saudi from the malls to the parks. Tabasco sauce on top is the natural choice for most. You can choose to soak dried chickpeas overnight in water and baking soda or go the easy route like I have using canned. The bouillon cube is not usually used however it is something I use when using canned chickpeas.

Balila is popular all around the Middle East yet all countries make it differently. For example in Lebanon the sauce is made of garlic cloves, olive… Continue reading

Fish Kabsa

Fish kabsa is a dish coming from the cities that border the sea and gulf in Saudi Arabia. Any white fish fillet that you may like would work well in this recipe. I used Najil which is a common fish in Saudi that came from the Persian Gulf. I also used Uncle Bens rice instead of the regular Basmati. This is my new favorite rice because it is clean and does not need to soak. And I have found that it does just as well if not better in my Middle Eastern and Eastern dishes.

1 kg (2 pounds) fish… Continue reading

Al Roz Al Zerbian

Zerbian chicken is a wonderfully fragrant Saudi dish. Turmeric and cilantro give the dish a fresh look and taste while the simple spices keep up with Saudi traditions. This dish is usually created using a whole chicken but really my family and I enjoy the breast so that is usually what I use. Please remember when cooking Arabic rice NEVER remove the lid once you place it on the pot. The steam is what actually cooks the rice as it sits. Once the rice has finished small holes will appear all over the top of the rice, this is why… Continue reading

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