Happy Birthday Saudi

{cupcakes from Cupcake in Riyadh}
{why does this always happen to your favorite one}

Today is Saudi Arabia’s 81st birthday and man do Saudis love to celebrate. Just think of the traffic at the White house in DC on the 4th (yes, I have been in it woo fun) yet that kind of traffic every inch of almost every city in the country. If you’re brave enough to venture out then you will be stuck for hours. My family and I had to go out this evening to look for something’s and thought we could beat traffic but yea right… Continue reading

A Saudi Iftar Menu

 I have got so many emails this Ramadan asking me what foods we have for a Saudi iftar so I thought I would put together a little menu for those who asked. Of course as Muslims we always break our fast with dates, water or milk. The dates we prefer in my home is sukari and we drink laban with those to break the fast. 
The most popular appetizers are Quaker soup and samboosas, these are a must almost daily throughout Ramadan. Of course you will find other various snacks on the table such as pita,… Continue reading

Amo Hamza

Amo Hamza is a seafood restaurant located throughout Saudi. My family and I visit it every Ramadan as they have a spectacular buffet for seafood lovers like us. Here are a few pictures but defiantly not as many as I would like due to the fact that a. Saudis are weird about pictures and b. I was HUNGRY after fasting all day.

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