Areeka and Sweet Sabeeb

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Growing up in the South we eat a lot of simple foods like meat (that we usually catch), vegetable‚Äôs (that we grow), breads (that we bake) and soups. It was never a problem for me to adapt to the way Saudis eat because a lot of it is pretty close to the things we eat back home. Honey is also a huge product found in Saudi dishes because of its relevance in Islam. We even had bees and my grandfather would make our own honey, so honey has always been a personal favorite of mine. When I… Continue reading

Smoked Laban

My husbands grandmother is in town as of now and like most older people she is very set in her own ways of what she likes to eat. She lives in the Southern region of Saudi Arabia where they eat very simple foods such as fruits, aseeda, dates and drinks like laban. We went to a local Yemeni restaurant that has the same old traditional foods that she likes and bought her a few things. One drink that we bought for her was smoked laban. A southern favorite here in Saudi. The smoked laban was amazing so smooth with the… Continue reading

Saleeq Dajaj

I first published this recipe a few years ago but I made a few updates and decided to re-post it. Running right behind kabsa saleeq is Saudis most popular dish. As you may have guessed it, dajaj means chicken in Arabic. My husband and son will not drink milk but yet they love this dish so I try to make it when I can. As you may have noticed Arabic cuisine incorporates a lot of dairy into recipes. You will find two versions of saleeq around, the lamb and the chicken. When making saleeq you want the extra juice in… Continue reading

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