Lamb Mandy



There are special ovens for Mandy, which are dug in the ground, and which give a special flavor and delicious taste. However, if these ovens are not available you can use the above ground method like your stove. For some time now I have had request to post this recipe. My chicken Mandy is actually the most popular recipe on Ya Salam Cooking. I even made a video to guide you step by step with my smoking method. Mandy is smoky flavored dish so this is a step that you do not want to miss.

2 kilo lamb shoulder
5… Continue reading

Eid Mubarak

{chicken quacker soup}
{macarona with chicken}

Today Muslims worldwide were fasting due to it being the day of Arafa. The Day of Arafa (Arabic: يوم عرفة) is an Islamic Holy Day, in which it is said that the religion had been perfected. It is the second day of the Hajj pilgrimage and the day after it is the major Islamic Holiday of Eid ul-Adha. At dawn of this day, Muslim pilgrims will make their way from Mina to a nearby hillside and plain… Continue reading

Eid al-Adha

The Eid season is upon us this year. The weather in Riyadh is perfect right now and has finally cooled down so that families can get out and have picnics and enjoy the cool weather that rarely reaches us. My husband has the hajj vacation for a week as do most white collared jobs, it’s really nice to spend the extra time with your loved ones and of course many people are going for hajj. The city has been decorated with beautiful lights that are shaped as bukhoor holders, dullahs, clocks and perfume. All of the things that have significant… Continue reading

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