You will find many aseeda recipes throughout the Gulf area. In Bahrain the dough is ate with sweet eggs, in Libya the dough is filled with honey and in Saudi and Yemen you will find a lamb or chicken broth. The dough is not an easy thing to make and you usually have to try a few times before you get it just right. It takes constant watch and work to make. The end result should look and feel like play dough. I would suggest trying to watch a few videos on YouTube if you have never watched anyone make… Continue reading

Al Zanjabel Ma Al Haleeb

I first had this warm drink right after I had arrived in Saudi. I had gotten a cold and my mother in law made me a flask. Zanjabel is what all Gulf Arabs use to cure a common cold or flu. Zanjabel means ginger in Arabic and as we all know all over the world ginger is a great cure for many things. In Saudi this recipe is made using only water however in countries such as Bahrain and Oman they use milk which I prefer. You can use sugar or honey to sweeten the drink if you would like.… Continue reading

Arabic White Rice

One of the hardest things for me to get down when I started cooking was the correct way to cook rice. Growing up we never ate rice with our meals and the only time I ever remember having it was for dessert, which was served with milk and sugar and not that often. However, when you marry an Arab you better learn how to cook rice because most meals that do not involve rice do not equal much of a meal and I have become quite fond of the dish myself. You can really do a lot with rice I… Continue reading

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