Qatiyah is the Arabs version of pancakes. These little golden rounds are also called ataif in some other countries and are much like Moroccan beghrir which have added semolina unlike this version. Qatiyah is one of the most popular recipes during Ramadan and you can found them being made fresh in every store. That works great if you plan to eat them that day but I have found its best to make them fresh at home because they do not last past a few days. I always make mine at night so we can enjoy freshly made rounds for suhoor… Continue reading

Bir Al Walidayn


Bir Al Walidayn is an old fashioned Saudi desert. This dessert can be described as a custard like recipe. Many Saudi desserts tend to have a custard or pudding like base. The sugar top is made just like that of crème caramel giving it a nice sweet finish. I would really recommend silicone baking ware. I used my pan for this dessert and it made the entire process so simple. You do have to be careful when putting your dishes into the oven but since I have had the pleasure of using them I do not think I could… Continue reading


I am in love with camels milk everything about it is as perfect as milk should be. When I told my mom about it she thought I was crazy. I really do not see the hype about not trying new things I mean it’s not like I am eating testicles or something after all. I have also wanted to try goat’s milk for quite some time as well. Have you all ever? I like to try new things so sue me.When I first got this milk thoughts were racing through my head with what recipes I could make. This one… Continue reading

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