Ramadan Decorations



Every year I vow to take pictures of all the Ramadan decorations all over Riyadh to share with you all but for some reason or another I never seem to get any images. A week or so ago I snapped a few while we were out but I never shared them since it was a few messily images in hopes to get more. But guess what I still do not have anymore and I doubt I will so I thought I would go ahead and share the few I do have. The streets of Riyadh are lit up… Continue reading

Chocolate Biscuit Dessert

I first had this dessert at my mother in laws. I have to admin when I first saw it, I it I did not think I would like it; it is just something I have never tried before. My son and I ended up eating the entire pan no joke. That is how good it is! This reminded me of a Saudi version of southern banana pudding. The tea biscuits and the chocolate combine so well overnight. I have never seen any Qashta in the states so you can make your own version here.

Since I originally posted this… Continue reading


I doubt most of you have ever heard of sobia it’s a very old fashioned traditional recipe of Saudi. One so old that it’s in fact starting to die with the new generation as time goes on in Riyadh but I have heard the drink thrives on in the Western province. Sobia is a barley drink made in the homes of the older generation during the Holy month every year. Men usually go out after asr and set up a little stand to sell their homemade sobia to the passersby’s to take home and have for iftar. I usually… Continue reading

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