Fatin Hareth


Black seeds have served as an important health and beauty aid to Arabs for years. Prophet Muhammad Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam said that black seed is a cure for everything but death. [ Al-Bukhaari, 5364; Muslim, 2215]

In Saudi Arabia black seed remains a traditional remedy for asthma, coughs, stomach problems, fatigue, cancer and much more. The whole seeds and oil is used to beautify skin and hair. Fatin
Hareth is an old fashioned recipe made in the southern province of Saudi Arabia. This is not a hard recipe to make but you should not leave the stove what… Continue reading

Eid Lunch





Eid Mubarak everyone I hope you’re having a lovely day. My schedule is so messed up from Ramadan and I have no idea how I am going to fix it. Everyone stays up all night in Saudi throughout the month and now here in a few weeks my son starts school for the first time and they have to be there by 7:30am I am cringing of the thought lol. When I finally fell asleep last night (this morning) some kids started shooting fireworks right at my window and it was so loud it scared me… Continue reading

Date Selections

This evening we had finger foods for iftar and I also placed a plate of various dates on the table, about 4 of each. It’s nice trying the flavors of different dates. It’s funny to think that the main part of my life I had never even heard of dates little on tried them. There were so many things that I had never saw or tried coming from a small town the stores just carry what they people buy which means not a lot of change. As soon as I took my first bite of a date I desired more… Continue reading

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