Yaom Al Watani

Saudi National Day was this past Sunday. The country was filled with decorations, lights, green and lots of flags. We went out the day before and everyone was wearing green and the streets were filled with kids and teenagers hanging out car windows and waving flags it’s a lot worse on the actual day but it’s really not fun unless your teenager to be stuck in traffic for hours. I took a few pictures of the decorations around Riyadh to share with you all. If you want to see some other pictures of the day take a look here on… Continue reading

Saudi Fatayer

Fatayer spots are all over Riyadh, they are extremely popular. One type of fatayer is the ones pictured above which is various sandwiches, stuffed grape leaves and such. I love these and sometimes we order a filled platter and serve them alongside mint tea which ends up being the best little meal. My favorite mixture is the cheese and sumac; they are such a perfect combination.

Arabian Coffees



I first found out about Arabian Coffees on Pinterest. From there I went to their website and was interested to try their coffees. When you visit the site you can see they have several coffees that are prominent to certain areas in the Arabia. I wanted to try the Riyadh blend and after only a week my coffee was in my home, fast delivery. I was surprised to see the blend was indeed true to Riyadh and filled with lightly roasted coffee and broken cardamom pods.

I had never thought to use the entire cardamom as they… Continue reading

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