Inside My Spice Cabinet

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Since I first started cooking I was really intrigued with spices. They were kind of like a mystery to me because growing up spices were never used, it’s just not part of Southern cooking. I had not even heard of most of the everyday spices I now use but when I started to learn more about them it became somewhat of an addiction. I just had to have a little of everything even if I had no idea what it was. I think most normal people have a small area they dedicate to their spices but I have a huge… Continue reading

Brasa de Brazil

Every time my family and I travel to Khobar (the corniche area) we always enjoy eating at Brasa de Brazil. It has a beautiful setting on the sea so you get great food and a great view. If you’re not familiar with a typical Brazilian style restaurant basically they have a huge variety of meat and they come around and serve you what you would like. My favorite is Fogo de Chao which we enjoyed in Chicago, Washington DC and Atlanta and if you’re near one you should go, it’s so amazing.

My husband goes for the meat and… Continue reading

A Few Favorites

 {khubz bore}


We have a restaurant down the road from our house that I love to eat at. I have shared several pictures with you all from their place. The establishment is Saudi owned but serves mainly Yemeni food. I love to go with my family and have traditional breakfast there such as areeka. This bread I have here is one of my favorites. This is a popular bread in Southern Saudi called Khubz bore and you can also get some freshly made when the Janadriyah Festival is taking place. The second picture is Yemeni eedeml… Continue reading

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