Sesame seeds are a popular ingredient used throughout the Middle East and in a wide variety of foods from main dishes to desserts. Shaboora (sesame sticks) is a Saudi favorite that is usually served alongside tea or coffee. The store bought ones are always long and skinny but I prefer to always make mine small and fat, the size of a sausage link. You can make up the batter and fry these in about 10 minutes time so they are perfect for last minute needs. They also store really well and you can leave them in the refrigerator for at… Continue reading

Maya Chocolaterie

maya-cafe Maya-Chocolaterie-riyadh

I have been wanting to try Maya for a while now I mean its a chocolate cafe for crying out loud. My son was over at my in laws for a few hours so my husband and I were able to finally drop by the hayat mall branch. The place is always filled with women and kids and I always tell my husband that we women have a special love affair with chocolate, so true right? We ordered the chocolate fondue and I got a latte as well.

I was kind of disappointed though but maybe it’s because I am… Continue reading

Saudi Style Cheese Kunafa

cheese-kunafa-recipe kunafa-recipe

I have come across many great kunafa recipes since living in Saudi Arabia and I hope to be able to share most of them with you all over time. This version has baladi cheese which is a popular cheese throughout the Middle East. I absolutely love the stuff and tend to use it a lot in sweet recipes. If you happen to live in a country where you can not find it just substitute a soft, mild white cheese in its place. You will also be using one can of qasta another popular Saudi ingredient. If you cannot find that… Continue reading

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