Shaiba Leaves


SHAIBA leaves were another exotic and new spice I was taught about after entering the Kingdom. I had never seen anyone using such a spice before in cooking. At that time I had no idea what lichen was for or that people even used it to flavor foods. A small dried up leaf that looks moldy is not something you would think was a nice flavor after all. I quickly started to research the new find my mother in law introduced me to and told me was a must for Saudi cooking.

I found almost nothing about the leaves online.… Continue reading

Healthy Chicken Kabsa


I have had the thought of making a healthy version of chicken kabsa for quiet some time and finally after all these years I made it today. This was the first time I had ever cooked or ate brown rice. I bought organic brown rice and it was expensive compared to the white rice but my husband and son eat a lot of rice so I thought it was worth it in the end. As you can see it looks a lot different from plain rice. I used chicken breast that had no fat, olive oil and fresh vegetables and… Continue reading



I am always asking my mother in law for old traditional recipes so that I can make at home and share here on Ya Salam Cooking with you all. As she was going through everything I had them all and she jokingly laughed and told me that I know more Saudi recipes then she does. She then remembered Daghabees and I was intrigued with the recipe and story about it. Daghabees is a traditional recipe from Southern Saudi. The recipes in the Southern region are nothing like the recipes here in central Saudi where you have dishes full or meat… Continue reading

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