I get asked a lot what loomi is on Ya Salam Cooking and where you all can get it. Loomi has several different names such as dried lime, black lime, limun aswad, bin zuhair, dried lemon or black lemon. While some people do call it lemon its not they are lime which you can tell by the smaller size. Ripe limes are boiled in salt water and then dried until they darken. Back in the states I only came across the natural brown ones but here in Saudi they are always black and the reason is that in the Middle… Continue reading



Years ago when I first came to Saudi I was at a shop and came across a very old poorly made recipe book. The instructions and recipes are kind of hard to read like most recipe books you find that come from Saudi they do not have exact instructions or measurements and sometimes the names are really off and although they say one thing it sounds and should be spelled an entirely different way. I usually talk to my mother in law to make sure everything is correct so I can share it here with you all but she happens… Continue reading

Al Bukhari bil Dajaj



Chicken Bukhari rice is one of my favorite Saudi recipes. The flavors of the rice, spices, carrots and chicken just mix so well together. I have found that it’s better to try to use certain spices when cooking Gulf recipes than to always take the easy way and just use your already mixed Arabic spice (baharat). While it does taste great and is something that I use in some of my dishes, it will also make all of your dishes taste the same way. Unfortunately that is a complaint I have with most food places here in Riyadh.… Continue reading

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