Quaker Soup


Quaker soup is the most popular Ramadan soup in Saudi during Ramadan and you will find that every home has it on the table for iftar nightly as well as any restaurants that you may eat at. This same soup is made with both chicken and lamb so you can use whatever you may like. This soup is also never served without samboosas they are a  traditional mix to have during Ramadan in the Kingdom.

My mother in law says to use the bones for both the meat and chicken because it gives it much more flavor. Also if… Continue reading



Qursan is a popular Saudi dish of meat and vegetables and of course Qursan bread. Qursan bread is a flat rectangle shaped bread sold in the Middle East. If it is not available where you’re at then go ahead and substitute pita. I forgot to take a picture and when I was able to the above one was the best I could do as you see its mostly just the sauce and bread. A lot of the restaurants here serve this as a side to most dishes but without the meat. In the end the bread will soak a lot… Continue reading



Arabic coffee is the most popular coffee drink in Saudi and the Arabian Gulf region (Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Oman, and Bahrain). Arabic coffee is not your usual black coffee as it’s made of slowly roasted blond coffee beans and a bunch of spices that are slowly brewed. Arabic coffee is served in every social function, from simple friends gathering all the way to large weddings. Its entwined in the culture, has its own serving etiquette, and some people even dedicate their careers as coffee caterers and servers.

I came across Yatoob coffee the other day and was just amazed with… Continue reading

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