restaurant reviews

Sour Sally

I have found not only the most cute little spot here in Indonesia but also the tastiest. Its called Sour Sally and has this ultra awesome doll house theme to it. You can find them all over Indonesia at the malls and such. They have plain or berry frozen yogurt and they are sour of course with your choice of fresh fruit. I am just in love with this little place. The character Sally is so nifty and you can buy buy various things like a doll from the shop.

Fajita Avenue

Fajita Avenue
Dabab St., Suleimania
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Tel. No. 01-464-4999u

My family and I live near Fajita Avenue so we were excited when a new Mexican restaurant was opening up. You see Mexican food is one of my most loved cuisines that the world has to offer. The decor of Fajita Avenue is nice and modern. The service is pretty good as well. Unfortunately the food is not that great. We ordered the nachos you see above for an appetizer and I was completely repulsed when I found out that was ketchup squirted all over the top. The chips were dry and stale on top of that. When the main course of mixed fajitas came I was still hoping for the best but the meat was extremely over cooked and dry. And they brought us two tortillas for a family fajita meal. I absolutely hate to keep asking for a tortilla every time we want to make a fajita. Sadly, the fajitas at ApplesBee’s which is an American restaurant is MUCH better. No way, would I visit this establishment again until they get some REAL Mexican recipes and cooks that actually know how to cook.

The Noodle House

Centria Mall, Olaya Street with Tahliya Street, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Tel: +966 1 2939969

At The Noodle House, which is in downtown Riyadh, you can marvel at the gigantic doors and an amazing view of the city. The Noodle House, in contrast, has an open area between the dining room and the kitchen, but no other particularly striking visual flourishes. Its aesthetic is uncluttered, almost monastic.

The Noodle house presents a wide array of various Asian dishes. Apart from being an excellent restaurant, it’s a brave one. It has chosen to be more obscure, more pure and more true to Asian culinary traditions, including some that aren’t especially well known beyond connoisseurs of Asian cooking.

As each dish arrived gorgeously composed, meticulously accessorized my palate and eyes were immensely satisfied throughout my experience. At the end of my meal I was greeted with fried ice-cream, mango pudding and my favorite chocolate Sumatra. What a beautiful arrangement of flavors to end a meal.

The service is simply spectacular at this establishment. The head and sous chef came out to meet and greet me and answered any questions I may have about the restaurant, recipes or themselves.

The Noodle House doesn’t come cheap, especially not the roasted duck and seared salmon, which is as terrific as it should be. There is a great attention to detail and it spans every facet of a meal. It’s just wonderful and I was promised the same royal treatment by the chefs any other time I may come. The Noodle House marked all three points in this picky foodies book food styling, taste and service.

Mirage Restaurant

{Al-Takhassosi Rd, North West Riyadh (west of Kingdom Tower), ☎ +966-1-4834127.}

You may remember my post about Diamond Restaurant awhile back. Well, a friend of mind recommended Mirage telling me that they are sister restaurants and that it was just as amazing as Diamond. My family and I decided to go tonight to check it out and what can I say we were impressed. They are both Asian fusion with amazing deco, service and food. However, mirage does not offer sushi like Diamond. When you walk into the restaurant again your immediately transported out of Saudi or so you feel like anyway. The lights are dim with beautiful fish tanks and fountains filled with fish, Chinese furniture and cute little lights on the ceiling that remind you of rainbow stars. This is one of the nicer upscale places in Riyadh and I defiantly suggest you check it out for a fun and enjoyable evening.