restaurant reviews

Pappa Roti

My husband and I were driving down the road
when he pointed out Papa Roti café to me. I about jumped out of the car right
then and there and made him swiftly pull over. Maybe you all remember my post
about the most amazing snack I had a few years ago in Malaysia here. These buns
are part of the Malaysian culture and no one makes them like Malays. It’s a rather
weird food to describe but hey who needs that the taste says it all. These buns
were exactly like the ones I had in Malaysia and I was so happy. I was sad to
know they did not know the white coffee to serve along with the buns but they
do have an amazing collection of other drinks such as organic Moroccan tea and
I also hated that the location was for men
only but oh well at least I got to enjoy my Malay favorite. My husband just
informed me that they opening one across the street from us (happy dance). For
about 25 riyals you get a bun with your choice of drink, much more expensive
that Malaysia I must say but what can you do?



My husband and I had the entire day
together alone yesterday and we had the most amazing day. During our day we
decided to visit Furusato the only authentic Japanese restaurant in Riyadh. Riyadh
does claim to have a few more Japanese restaurants but they food and space is
horrid. I LOVE Furusato and they have the great sushi, just like in Asia. It’s
hard for us to have sushi as much as we would like since my son would not dare
eat it so when we had this opportunity we jumped. We ordered about 40 pieces
and I honestly cannot even remember all we ordered but it was delicious.

Amo Hamza

Amo Hamza is a seafood restaurant located throughout Saudi. My family and I visit it every Ramadan as they have a spectacular buffet for seafood lovers like us. Here are a few pictures but defiantly not as many as I would like due to the fact that a. Saudis are weird about pictures and b. I was HUNGRY after fasting all day.

Saung Kuring

Saung Kuring is an authentic Indonesian restaurant, this particular one is located at Ancol beach in Jakarta. I ordered a fresh coconut with sugar and ice as soon as we were seated; the perfect drink for an afternoon in the sun. Unfortunately I can not remember the name of the platter I ordered but it was amazing and my husband went on about his prawn meal as well. Overall, this was a great experience with good food and service.