restaurant reviews

A Few Favorites

 {khubz bore}


We have a restaurant down the road from our house that I love to eat at. I have shared several pictures with you all from their place. The establishment is Saudi owned but serves mainly Yemeni food. I love to go with my family and have traditional breakfast there such as areeka. This bread I have here is one of my favorites. This is a popular bread in Southern Saudi called Khubz bore and you can also get some freshly made when the Janadriyah Festival is taking place. The second picture is Yemeni eedeml which is strips of veggies, chicken and potatoes and let me tell you it’s amazing.

Everyone is on a two week break here in Saudi because of Umrah and the upcoming holiday. I hope your enjoying your vacations! By the way I have been receiving several mails about where my personal blog went to. It’s still around I just changed the name and site due to re-branding. You can find it here.

Outback Steak I mean Pasta House

My family and I are addicted to Outback
Steakhouse. I actually was long before I even knew my husband. My mammaw and I
used to be frequent visitors at the one in Chattanooga. It’s funny though when
I think about it because of all the times I have gone I have never ordered
anything but steak. I mean what else would one order from a steakhouse other
than the obvious anyway right. About a month or so ago I decided to order some
shrimp alfredo pasta and wow I was in love. No joke this is one of the best
pastas if not the best I have ever had. My husband has even gone crazy over it
and now when we go this is what we order. You all just have to try it.

Arabesq Sweets

Arabesq Sweets is the most divine Arabic
sweet shop you will come across and is placed inside The Dubai Mall, my
favorite mall. What I love about this sweet shop compared to others is that
they focus on all of the regions throughout the Middle East. They have even
have sections throughout the store where you can buy products (like serving
trays, plates and such) from countries such as Oman. I love how they do this
and you see people from all regions happy to find products are recipes they
have not enjoyed since being back in their home country. If you find yourself in Dubai please do stop by you will not be disappointed. 

*Sorry for the picture quality they were taken with the IPhone.

This & That

Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a good
weekend or week wherever you may be in the world. Things have been kind of
crazy in my life but a good kind of crazy. I am the type of person that likes
to have a lot going on than the alternative nothing so it’s all good. My
husband and I are in the process of opening our fist business it’s exciting yet
scary at the same time. I cannot wait to show you all pictures at a later date.
Things are in shambles now with the new designs. I have been working like a
maniac on all the blog designs I have been doing over on my Etsy shop Blog MePretty. I love designing it’s like my therapy. When I am behind Photoshop it’s
like my head just clears.
I have a few new ventures that I have been dabbling
into such as the new food editor over at Jeddah Beauty as you all know I am also
the food editor of Saudi Life. When I get some more time I plan to also do some
work for Khaleejesue all of these are amazing sites that I truly believe in so
I hope you take a look and enjoy them as well. I have some more news of other endeavors
that I will share at a later date so watch out.
Yesterday evening my husband, son and I
went to grab some dinner at Najd Village a little traditional place we
sometimes eat at. We ordered the chicken badya which came with rice, jareesh
and goursan. They always have the best bread too. Its already crazy hot here in Riyadh but funny enough when your inside a mud house (like Najd Village) its so much cooler. 

I hope that each one of you all are having a great Summer as well. By the way I just noticed today that I am about to embark on 700 recipes, wow and thanks to all of you who have gave me the confidence to put all the work on this blog that I have for the past 5 years.