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Talal was sick all last week and now I have seemed to have caught it. I spent the entire day sleeping and my throat hurts so bad. I have not felt like eating little on cooking and then I remembered reading about hellofood. Hellofood is website in Saudi (they also have an app for your phone) where you can easily type in the area you live in the city and from there you can choose cuisines or even items you want. For example I wanted soup so I checked the sub box and was able to see all the locations that carry soup.

Most of the places have a minimal order fee and a few have a delivery fee of a few riyals but most do not. Just a few minutes after ordering my husband got a call from his cell just making sure the order and the address was correct, an email thanking us and letting us know they were moving fast and then not long after that our food was being delivered. I really was not sure what to think when I had heard about the site because this is the first site like this in existence here in Saudi but I have to say that wow they really do have great service and my family will be using it again for sure.

I researched a little bit before writing this post and it seems that the brand has made its mark all over the world not just here in Saudi. So wherever you are they may have a site for you and if you’re in a big city here in Saudi they have you. You can check out their site here and grab the app here.

Dubai food part.1












We have been back from our Eid vacation in Dubai for a few weeks now and I am pretty behind in posting here because I have just not really felt like digging through all my pictures. I could not help but take pictures of all the great food we got to eat awhile away to share here though. First off I wanted to share this amazing food from the resort we stayed out. Let me tell you I am dreaming of this food it was beyond amazing and I am counting the days until Eid comes again in a few months when we go back.

The food was international so they had recipes from all over the world like sushi, caviar, fresh meats and cheeses. It was insane! But hey I would expect nothing less from a five star resort. One of the chefs told me I should take pictures when they start at 6 so that you all could really see how great the lay out was but I we ate later and I never like to post pictures of people that do not know they are going to be photographed (the few shown told me to go for it). Hungry, because I am now.

Magnolia Bakery



Happy late Eid Mubarak everyone I hope that you and your family had a great holiday. We sure did and I hope to share more of it with you but as of now I still have major jet lag and a sore throat to go along with it. Have you all ever had any treats from Magnolia Bakery? So for what seems forever now I have heard people brag about Magnolia Bakery having the best cupcakes on earth and it was something that I had wanted to try for myself. Over the Eid holiday we happened to pass some treats inside Bloomingdales and Talal and I just had to get some. I wanted a pretty one decorated for Eid and the girl working there told me the chocolate with vanilla frosting was the best so that was the one I went with. Talal got a blonde Brownie and while we were paying I just happened to notice it was Magnolia Bakery and started getting a little excited from all of the hype I had heard.

You see all that white on the top of the cupcake? Well, that is ALL frosting. For some reason I did not think all of that would be frosting but for me that is an overkill. Yes, it tasted good but I can not stand that much sugar so I ended up scraping most of it off. The cupcake itself was very moist and yea it was good but nothing out of this world like I have read in the past. Georgetown Cupcakes still has everyone else beat in the cupcake world, trust me.

The Worlds Best Sharwarma


Al Athariyah is a traditional Yemeni restaurant we have here in Riyadh. I wrote a post about this same place a few years ago and if you would like to see what the inside looks like then please take a look here. This is one of the best places I have eaten for the real deal when it comes to traditional food and I have never seen anyone but Saudis eat here in fact the I have searched the net for anything about it and it is as if it does not exist. All the signs are in Arabic, menus and I am not even sure any of the staff knows English. (Yes, it’s that authentic and I love it.)

Just this past year they started roasting whole lambs over coals and also making lamb sharwarma from those same lambs simply by cutting off the meat from the while it is roasting. When I tell you that this is the best lamb sharwarma that I have ever tasted I am not kidding and even foodie greats like Anthony Bourdoin and Andrew Zimmern would roll their eyes in delight if they dared to try one bite. They have two sizes small and large and I always get the small which is just enough for me. They come with soft roasted lamb, tomatoes, Arabic pickles, cilantro and tahini. I do not think anyone in the world could re-create this taste and if you even wanted to try you would have to roast a lamb over coals. This sharwarma, fries and a bottle of coke is the most perfect meal let me tell you.