A Saudi Iftar Menu

 I have got so many emails this Ramadan asking me what foods we have for a Saudi iftar so I thought I would put together a little menu for those who asked. Of course as Muslims we always break our fast with dates, water or milk. The dates we prefer in my home is sukari and we drink laban with those to break the fast. 
The most popular appetizers are Quaker soup and samboosas, these are a must almost daily throughout Ramadan. Of course you will find other various snacks on the table such as pita, hummus and salad.
For the main course we always have traditional meals such as chicken kabsa, lamb kabsa or chicken mandy.
Saudis love to have desserts after a long day of fasting and such desserts as cream kunafa, date balls, chocolate biscuit dessert or harrisa can be found on tables. 
Habek tea or mint tea and always Saudi qahwa will always be made in every home. Saudis usually serve tea to guest when they enter and offer coffee before they leave. Families love to sip the hot drinks and chat.
I hope you enjoyed getting to learn more about how a typical iftar in Saudi goes.

Amo Hamza

Amo Hamza is a seafood restaurant located throughout Saudi. My family and I visit it every Ramadan as they have a spectacular buffet for seafood lovers like us. Here are a few pictures but defiantly not as many as I would like due to the fact that a. Saudis are weird about pictures and b. I was HUNGRY after fasting all day.

Iftar in Saudi

Ramadan Mubarak friends. I hope the first day of fasting was successful for each one of you. Mine was pretty smooth maybe because I ate a nice sahoor and kept myself busy through the day. My family and I went to eat at my favorite place here in Riyadh called Al-Nafoura Seafood. They truly spoil you and I just love that. And the best thing is I had no mess to clean up. As you enter your served dates and Saudi coffee and then you are ushered to your private room were a pot of Saudi coffee and more dates are awaiting you. You then go to this massive buffet with Arabic food, seafood, cavier, sushi, crepes made in front of you, Asian cooked for you. I mean everything you can imagine. Then fresh tea is brought around to each table. Its really nice and I took some pictures for you all to see what Ramadan is like here in Saudi so enjoy.