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Tasty Food Photography


Hey everyone I saw that this ebook was having a 50% off sale and really wanted to share it with you. I have really been trying to learn how to take better food pictures this past year. My biggest obstacle has always been that I do not have very much natural light in my home or props. I came across a food blog about 4 months ago and saw that the author has this ebook about food photography. I even made a post about it on my personal blog titled online classes you just gotta take. I started reading the reviews, the blog she has set up for the book and watching the little video she made and instantly bought it.

This book is honestly the best I came across that has taught me how to take and edit my pictures better. I paid $19 for it and never looked back because it was worth it but, you all can grab it from today until 12/2 at midnight which is a steal. This would also be a great gift for anyone who wants to learn more about photography. I promise that this book WILL change the way you take and edit all of your pictures and you will not regret it.

The coupon code to get the discount is: TFP50 and you can grab it from the site here. If you already have it or do buy it… Continue reading

Sore Throat tea and other Saudi remedies


When I first started this blog it was a way to document my learning experiences as I attempted to make Saudi dishes for my new husband. Later it became a journal of life in Saudi and my experiences with food for others in my shoes and now that I am a mom, I see it as a way to document food history for Saudis children. As you all already know I am the only blogger writing about Saudi cuisine and without other online sources documenting this amazing food and as young people grow up making new dishes and not learning about the past a lot of history is being forgotten and looked over. I hope that this blog can change that in some way.

I am always asking, learning and looking around for tips, recipes and remedies from the past just for this site and for that very reason. Spices are a really big deal in Saudi and as much as I loved them before I came here I have since found many new ones. Spices are not only used in cooking here, but also as medicines long before pharmacies and doctors were around this is what families turned to, many still do.

When you think of tea of course you think of some sort of drink that has been made with actual tea leaves (I know I do) well here a tea can be just hot water steeped with… Continue reading

Dubai food part.1












We have been back from our Eid vacation in Dubai for a few weeks now and I am pretty behind in posting here because I have just not really felt like digging through all my pictures. I could not help but take pictures of all the great food we got to eat awhile away to share here though. First off I wanted to share this amazing food from the resort we stayed out. Let me tell you I am dreaming of this food it was beyond amazing and I am counting the days until Eid comes again in a few months when we go back.

The food was international so they had recipes from all over the world like sushi, caviar, fresh meats and cheeses. It was insane! But hey I would expect nothing less from a five star resort. One of the chefs told me I should take pictures when they start at 6 so that you all could really see how great the lay out was but I we ate later and I never like to post pictures of people that do not know they are going to be photographed (the few shown told me to go for it). Hungry, because I am now.

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