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Applebee’s Middle East

This past weekend my family and I went to Applebee’s which as you know is just a normal American restaurant nothing fancy, but good food that reminds me of home none the less. As soon as we walked in and I saw banners my mind started to race with excitement. You all they actually serve lobster now. And if your health conscious they have an entire menu for you and it’s actually good. The kids menu is all new as well with pictures so the little ones can actually see what they offer and choose themselves. They have an amazing offering now which they call 2 for 89 which means you get 1 appetizer and 2 entrees and the food looks great.

We always eat at the Applebee’s on King Abdullah road which is close to where we live. We have come to know the managers Mahmoud Bamand and Rodel Kalaw who are two employees that clearly care about their customers and the service they receive. You know although Riyadh has a few so called Mexican places we always end up getting the best fajitas at Applebee’s so when we’re in the mood that is where we go. So now I will get on to the pictures because I am really excited to share with you all this food. Yum, I wish we were there again right now so I could enjoy it all over again.

applebees-riyadh^I’m a sucker for the appetizer platter^

sizzling-jumbo-shrimp^Sizzling Jumbo Shrimp with Mexican rice, I died and went to heaven for a moment^

beef-ribs^I don’t say this lightly since I am from TN the home of the best ribs, but good lawd these were good. Thank goodness the tables have curtains around them because my face was a mess and I am not even sorry. These are double glazed beef ribs and enough for 2 adults and a child easily^

applesbees-middleeast^I had the lobster and steak. My only complaint is where is the melted butter?^

veggies^These came with my meal and was easily my favorite, yum^

riyadh-applebees^My son aka Cookie Monster just had to have this. I was about to die at this point^

So there you all have it! Applebee’s is giving all the restaurants a run for their money these days. Great burgers and seafood wowsers! I am hooked, but I imagine I always was.

Bagels in Riyadh



Without further ado I introduce you all to Circles & Circles the project my husband and I have been working on for over two years now. We found the perfect spot two years ago where we would put our shop, but it was an absolute mess. We had to rebuild the entire store which took time, but not two years. All the waiting was due to the never ending papers we had to wait for and also our baker to come from his country. And, then finally Saturday night we did something that we had been wanting to do forever and that was open the doors.

We are the only place you will find REAL NYC style bagels in Riyadh. A few places have tried to offer them over the past few months, but it was just round bread nothing like a bagel whatsoever. As of now we are offering everything (amazing), raisin, plain and sesame seed. We have every meat and vegetable you can imagine to fill with like salmon and we use only Philadelphia cream cheese and make our own blends in house such as blueberry, strawberry and many more.

Just wait it gets better! We also offer all of those favorite American coffee drinks we love back home such as Pumpkin and Gingerbread Lattes. I have the baker bake something new every day from my family recipes. So far, we have had Pumpkin Scones and nutella and Peanut butter brownies. For all of you westerners out there this is the real deal (I made sure of it) and you can have a little piece of home for a while at least.

We’re first time brick and mortar business owners and we’re really trying to make our little family business thrive in a world that is run by “the man”. I have a lot of ideas that I hope to bring into the shop, for instance I want to import stuff from the states and be able to sell it. Things like special coffee beans (ie: sugar cookie) and little things like that we all love back home.

We are located right next to Centre Point by Granada Mall next to where Caffa used to be. You cannot miss us. We also have a website right here and you can follow us on twitter or instagram. I really hope you all here in Riyadh stop by and enjoy it for yourselves.

Tasty Food Photography


Hey everyone I saw that this ebook was having a 50% off sale and really wanted to share it with you. I have really been trying to learn how to take better food pictures this past year. My biggest obstacle has always been that I do not have very much natural light in my home or props. I came across a food blog about 4 months ago and saw that the author has this ebook about food photography. I even made a post about it on my personal blog titled online classes you just gotta take. I started reading the reviews, the blog she has set up for the book and watching the little video she made and instantly bought it.

This book is honestly the best I came across that has taught me how to take and edit my pictures better. I paid $19 for it and never looked back because it was worth it but, you all can grab it from today until 12/2 at midnight which is a steal. This would also be a great gift for anyone who wants to learn more about photography. I promise that this book WILL change the way you take and edit all of your pictures and you will not regret it.

The coupon code to get the discount is: TFP50 and you can grab it from the site here. If you already have it or do buy it please leave a comment and let everyone know how great it really is.