Another Iftar

I have told
you a million times how much my husband and I love eating at The Noodle House. It’s
a mix of Malay and Indonesian dishes two of our favorites. They have this lovely iftar menu where each person chooses an appetizer, soup, main dish and
dessert. It was a massive amount of food really but at that time we were all
for it. They brought fresh dates, water and Saudi coffee to us as soon as the
adan played so we could break our fast. 

Soto Ayum
is one of my favorite dishes ever and I have the recipe here if you all would
like to try it. That was a meal in itself to me and I took my main dish home. I
always order an espresso after we eat to go with my dessert because they have
the best espresso I have ever had. I adore the service they always treat us so well
each time we go and we know most of them by name. If you live in Saudi, UAE,
Oman, Qatar, Kuwait or Cyprus you should give them a try.

Pappa Roti

My husband and I were driving down the road
when he pointed out Papa Roti café to me. I about jumped out of the car right
then and there and made him swiftly pull over. Maybe you all remember my post
about the most amazing snack I had a few years ago in Malaysia here. These buns
are part of the Malaysian culture and no one makes them like Malays. It’s a rather
weird food to describe but hey who needs that the taste says it all. These buns
were exactly like the ones I had in Malaysia and I was so happy. I was sad to
know they did not know the white coffee to serve along with the buns but they
do have an amazing collection of other drinks such as organic Moroccan tea and
I also hated that the location was for men
only but oh well at least I got to enjoy my Malay favorite. My husband just
informed me that they opening one across the street from us (happy dance). For
about 25 riyals you get a bun with your choice of drink, much more expensive
that Malaysia I must say but what can you do?

Japanese Food Fair

I absolutely adore everything about Japanese food. Its defiantly my favorite Asian Cuisine. My family and I were at Times Square Mall in Malaysia and ran across this Japanese food fair, does it get any better? They had all kinds of samples and foods that I had never saw. The last two pictures is the famous Japanese Bento that I had at the mall. It was filled with salmon, rice, savory seafood custard, chicken, salad, soup and watermelon. All for a very low price at that.

Chestnuts and Coffee YUM!

 When I was exploring Malaysia’s very own China Town I came across a magnificent smell and who would have ever guessed that it was a mixture of coffee beans and chestnuts roasting. The Man who was selling them was so kind and spoke perfect English. I told him how chestnuts are very popular where I come from in Tennessee and that we roast them as well. But with coffee beans? This was something new altogether. He gave me some to try and they were simply amazing. How can I ever go back to a normal chestnut after having these?