Chunky Strawberry Popsicles


It has been so hot in Riyadh so Talal and I have been trying a new popsicle recipe out every night. Some we loved and others, we hated. I made a few that ended up being flops and Talals ‚Äčended up tasting great, this one included. We had some chocolate milk and made some really delicious ones from that. You can make strawberry juice just by blending up some fresh berries in the blender. We have tried some without the lime and the lime makes them taste so much better since it cuts through all that natural sweetness. Lime and… Continue reading

Southern Popcorn Balls

Popcorn balls in the Fall is a huge Southern tradition right along with caramel apples on a stick and hot apple cider. Growing up my brothers and I could hardly contain ourselves while the popcorn balls were made. I know a lot of people add things to the recipe these days like marshmallows, chocolate and so on but traditionally nothing should be added. I made a batch of these up for my son’s class and I just happened to have some small m&m’s so I went ahead and threw them in. I mean what 5 year old does not like… Continue reading

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