BenihanaWaiting area (man’s side)

segregation-walls-in-SaudiSegregation walls around each family’s table

japanese-saladJapanese salad and maki

japanese-onion-soupOnion Soup

TalalTalal loved that they did this

japanese-food-riyadhTeriyaki Chicken and Shrimp with fried rice and Habatchi Veggies

japanese-green-teaGreen Tea

The weather has been amazing in Riyadh this past week and I wanted to take advantage of it so we were going to go out for some fresh air and then my husband suggested we go eat at Benihana an American Japanese restaurant we have here and one of my long time favorite places. Back home my family and friends would eat there quite a bit and I could just never see myself tiring of the Japanese Fusion dishes they have.

We had never been to the Riyadh location because most things here are just not up to par as in they usually do not even taste or have anything on the menu the same. I am so impressed tonight and was mad at myself for not trying it out earlier. The place is super clean and the staff is really awesome. Every family gets a private room with a chef that comes in and prepares the meal for you. On our way Talal was crying because he did not want to eat there but I just knew he would love it once we got there and he saw what all they did. He ended up loving it like I knew he would and he adored the show and even ended up ordered filet mignon and rice. We all had such a great time and the chef (Steven) was great at his job. The food was really good but so much luckily I I will be able to have a nice lunch tomorrow.



My husband and I had the entire day
together alone yesterday and we had the most amazing day. During our day we
decided to visit Furusato the only authentic Japanese restaurant in Riyadh. Riyadh
does claim to have a few more Japanese restaurants but they food and space is
horrid. I LOVE Furusato and they have the great sushi, just like in Asia. It’s
hard for us to have sushi as much as we would like since my son would not dare
eat it so when we had this opportunity we jumped. We ordered about 40 pieces
and I honestly cannot even remember all we ordered but it was delicious.

Chicken Katsu

Chicken Katsu is a popular Japanese style fried chicken. After you have panko breadcrumbs you will never be able to go back to regular ones. The bread crumbs are also used to coat prawns, fish or meats before frying. Panko creates an airy, crunchy and flaky texture.

4 chicken breast
salt and pepper to taste
4 tablespoons all purpose flour
2 eggs, beaten
120 grams panko breadcrumbs
sunflower oil for frying

1. Sprinkle each chicken breast with salt and pepper. Lightly coat chicken in flour, then dip into egg. Coat thoroughly with panko breadcrumbs.

2. Heat oil in a 9-inch skillet on medium heat. Fry until no long pink, about 6 minutes on each side. Drain off oil and cut chicken into pieces. Serve with rice and salad.

Yields: 4 servings

Japanese Food Fair

I absolutely adore everything about Japanese food. Its defiantly my favorite Asian Cuisine. My family and I were at Times Square Mall in Malaysia and ran across this Japanese food fair, does it get any better? They had all kinds of samples and foods that I had never saw. The last two pictures is the famous Japanese Bento that I had at the mall. It was filled with salmon, rice, savory seafood custard, chicken, salad, soup and watermelon. All for a very low price at that.