Saung Kuring

Saung Kuring is an authentic Indonesian restaurant, this particular one is located at Ancol beach in Jakarta. I ordered a fresh coconut with sugar and ice as soon as we were seated; the perfect drink for an afternoon in the sun. Unfortunately I can not remember the name of the platter I ordered but it was amazing and my husband went on about his prawn meal as well. Overall, this was a great experience with good food and service.

Sour Sally

I have found not only the most cute little spot here in Indonesia but also the tastiest. Its called Sour Sally and has this ultra awesome doll house theme to it. You can find them all over Indonesia at the malls and such. They have plain or berry frozen yogurt and they are sour of course with your choice of fresh fruit. I am just in love with this little place. The character Sally is so nifty and you can buy buy various things like a doll from the shop.