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How to cut an onion without crying!

drum roll please….

And yes this does work. I was amazed when I tried it and did not cry bc they always make me cry like crazy. The only bad thing is that after you remove the bulb you still must be careful when you slice to not touch anymore of it that may be left and guess what somehow I still always do that and still end up crying but not as much as usual at least. I will get better with time I am assuming.

Using a knife, cut a cone out of the bottom of the onion (where the roots come out). The diameter of this cone should be about a third of the diameter of the onion, and about 1/3 deep. Take this piece and throw it away (don’t put it down the disposal!). This piece contains the part/gland that makes you cry when you’re chopping it up. Once you’ve gotten that piece out, chop off the top, peel, and slice the onion.

This works because the gas in an onion is in the bulb so when you do not mess with that you will not cry! Also, you can place vinegar on the cutting board and the acid will absorb this gas.