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Arabic Gulf Rice

This recipe is pretty much the standard recipe served throughout Gulf homes for dinner. The light flavors of popular Arabic spices mixed with a bit of tomato make for a perfect fragrant rice. During Ramadan rice is often ate for suhoor. I have found that most Muslims in the West tend to eat breakfast foods [...]

Arabic Pita Bread

 Over the years I have had so many requests for Arabic pita bread but never got around to posting the recipe. My mammaw gave me a homemade cookbook when I got married and it contained this recipe and has since been the only pita bread recipe that I have ever used. Why change a good [...]

Arabian Gulf Pudding

Arabian Gulf Pudding is a tantalizing dessert served throughout the Gulf Countries. Plump sukary dates, freshly ground cardamom and fragrant rosewater make this little dish burst with traditional flavors.  4 cups water 1 can (397 grams) sweetened condensed milk 1/4 cup sugar 1 teaspoon ground cardamom 1-1/2 cups rolled oats 1/2 cup diced dates 1 [...]

Al Zalabiyah

Al Zalabiyah is a popular gulf favorite especially during Ramadan. This sugary sweet is served with Arabic coffee. Many people add a few drops of food color to obtain a bright color. Red, orange and yellow are the traditional colors used. Fresh saffron can be used to obtain a natural golden color.   2 cups all-purpose [...]

Arabic White Rice

One of the hardest things for me to get down when I started cooking was the correct way to cook rice. Growing up we never ate rice with our meals and the only time I ever remember having it was for dessert which was served with milk and sugar and not that often. However, when [...]