Gingerbread Latte


The past few weeks I have been bombarded with gingerbread it seems. My son is absolutely in love with Swedish Pepparkakor and I have made two batches so far for him. After making those I thought I would make my husband and I gingerbread latte and they ended up being such a hit that I made a big batch of the syrup so I could easily make them from now on.

I already know how to make homemade coffee syrups as you all know I have made pumpkin spice syrup and mint syrup in the past. I also did a bit of research and could not find any online that I thought would make the perfect taste. Some had to much clove or not any at all. Some did not even have cinnamon or enough ginger. I really wanted the latte to taste exactly like a gingerbread cookie. So I knew that I needed ginger, cinnamon and cloves from the start. My cookies also have allspice in them but that would be a bit to tart with the cloves so it’s better to leave that one out. Cloves is a really big part of the correct gingerbread taste so you do not want to miss that spice, but just a pinch will do since it’s very strong. I also have noticed that no one uses a sieve, but this is very important. You will want to catch any big pieces… Continue reading

Flat White


Ahh flat whites my new all time favorite coffee drink. I feel like I am so behind just learning what they are and what greatness I have been missing all these years of coffee drinking. A flat white is a double shot of espresso with this beautiful foam on the top. No, it is not a cappuccino or latte although some baristas that do not know what they are doing seem to make it that way. Luckily if you are living in Riyadh they do sell them at your local Starbucks.

The flat white has this velvet like foam instead of the usual stiff froth. A good flat white is all about packing as much taste as possible into a small package. I was just telling my good friend Nicole here in Riyadh when we were out that I wanted to try a cortado pretty badly and then I went on to tell her about flat whites and had her try one as well. No surprise she really loved it but she also told me they were almost like cortados. So for you all that have had those then there you go.

Official Definitions of a Flat White:

The flat white has less milk, less foam (hence flat white) and therefore proportionately more coffee than a latte. The desired texture is a velvety sensuality and there should also be a natural sweetness. New Zealand flatties tend to be double espresso… Continue reading

Sore Throat tea and other Saudi remedies


When I first started this blog it was a way to document my learning experiences as I attempted to make Saudi dishes for my new husband. Later it became a journal of life in Saudi and my experiences with food for others in my shoes and now that I am a mom, I see it as a way to document food history for Saudis children. As you all already know I am the only blogger writing about Saudi cuisine and without other online sources documenting this amazing food and as young people grow up making new dishes and not learning about the past a lot of history is being forgotten and looked over. I hope that this blog can change that in some way.

I am always asking, learning and looking around for tips, recipes and remedies from the past just for this site and for that very reason. Spices are a really big deal in Saudi and as much as I loved them before I came here I have since found many new ones. Spices are not only used in cooking here, but also as medicines long before pharmacies and doctors were around this is what families turned to, many still do.

When you think of tea of course you think of some sort of drink that has been made with actual tea leaves (I know I do) well here a tea can be just hot water steeped with… Continue reading

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