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Homemade Bagels

 Homemade golden bagels are the perfect brunch. You can use regular all-purpose flour but if you happen to have bread flour use it and your bagels will be much larger. Creating a large hole in the center is important since as they bake the hole will close and what’s a bagel without a hole? These [...]

Khubz Mashi bil Jubnah

I’m a huge fan of any type of bread but one stuffed with cheese just makes it that much more appealing to me. I use a soft white cheddar cheese like Velveeta or Kraft. The feta cheese in Saudi is also much different than the one in the states. The one back home is crumbly [...]


Qatiyah is the Arabs version of pancakes. These little golden rounds are also called ataif in some other countries and are much like Moroccan beghrir which have added semolina unlike this version. Qatiyah is one of the most popular recipes during Ramadan and you can found them being made fresh in every store. That works [...]


Thamool is one of my favorite snacks to make and serve with afternoon tea. This golden disc is buttery bread like snack filled with black seeds. Black seeds also called black cumin are an important part of a Muslim diet and we like to add it things when we can and of course breads are [...]

Strawberry Muffins

 My mom always used to bake a batch of muffins on weekends and I always loved biting into a warm and fluffy muffin fresh from the oven. I still enjoy whipping a batch up and serving them to my own family now. Although I do not discriminate I love to have these at any time [...]