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Al Zalabiyah

Al Zalabiyah is a popular gulf favorite especially during Ramadan. This sugary sweet is served with Arabic coffee. Many people add a few drops of food color to obtain a bright color. Red, orange and yellow are the traditional colors used. Fresh saffron can be used to obtain a natural golden color.   2 cups all-purpose [...]

Khoubiz Mehala

Khoubiz Mehala is an old traditional Bahraini bread which is usually baked in a special clay oven built in the ground. This delicious lightly sweetened bread is usually served alongside halawah and qahwah. This is the perfect recipe to showcase the true flavors or the Gulf region and what I love most about it is [...]

Arabic White Rice

One of the hardest things for me to get down when I started cooking was the correct way to cook rice. Growing up we never ate rice with our meals and the only time I ever remember having it was for dessert which was served with milk and sugar and not that often. However, when [...]

Al Maslli

This Bahraini Gulf dish has many names and many versions such as Fi Ga’ateh or Mashwi Al Jeder. I have taken an old recipe and made it much easier to make and healthier. In the end you will have the same exact taste and flavors. You will find this recipe being one of the favorites [...]

Al Eqaili

Eqaili is the adjective of Uqal, which is the round shaped woolen rope used to hold the Qhutrah on the head. The name of Eqaili is derived from the round shape of the cake. In older days, due to unavailability of ovens, the Eqaili used to be baked in a covered pot placed on charcoal. [...]