Fried Rice

This fried rice is as authentic as you will get in any Chinese restaurant. It is great as a side dish but you could also add your favorite meat or tofu and make it into another lovely dish as well. Most Asian recipes call for medium grain rice however I used long grain rice since that is what I keep on hand and it worked just perfect, so use what rice you have with no worries.

1 cup dry rice, cooked
1/2 cup peas, frozen
1 carrot, peeled and diced
1/2 onion, finely chopped
4 tablespoons sesame seeds
1 egg
1/5 cup + 1 tablespoon soy sauce
2 tablespoons sunflower oil
Salt to taste

1. In a large nonstick sauté pan on medium heat, add oil onions, peas and carrots. Cook until onions are tender. Add sesame seeds, mix well and allow cooking for 20 seconds. Place vegetable mixture in a bowl and set aside. Place sauté pan back onto heat.

2. In a small bowl, add egg, a drop of oil and 1 tablespoon soy sauce, beat well. Carefully pour egg into sauté pan. Allow to cook and flip. Remove from heat, chop egg mixture and set aside. In the same sauté pan on medium heat, add cooked rice, vegetable mixture, 1/5 cup soy sauce, egg and salt to taste. Continue to mix and allow cooking for 5 minutes.

Yields: 4 servings

Beef Stir Fry

This is a simple and fast recipe, perfect for those nights that you do not feel like cooking or cleaning up much. However, the simplicity does not affect the taste what so ever.

1 pound sliced beef (in long strips)
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon pepper
1 carrot, sliced
1/2 cup peas
1 yellow pepper, thinly sliced
1 onion, diced
2 tablespoons tomato sauce

1/2 cup water
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons cornstarch

1. In a large skillet on medium heat, add oil. Add pepper and onion, cook until tender. Add carrots and peas, cook 5 minutes. Reduce heat to medium-low Add beef sauté for 2 minutes, add tomato sauce, salt, pepper and mix well. Add cornstarch, mixing well. Cook on low for 10 minutes. Serve with white rice.

Yields: 4 servings

Todai Restaurant

11750 Fair Oaks Mall #135
Fairfax, VA, 22033, USA
Tel: 703-273-0120

Do you like Japanese food? Do you like sushi? Well, if you do then I have just the place for you.

Some time ago my husband and I ran across Todai Restaurant in the Fair Oaks mall located in Fairfax, VA. Sadly they were closing so we were not able to dine at that time. But just by looking in the window I was highly intrigued. The place looked amazing (very modern), large and well honestly everyone eating there was Asian (if you go to a restaurant and see the people from that culture dining there you just know it is good).

Surprisingly enough our hotel is located right across the street from Fair Oaks mall but I had forgot all about Todai and wanting to try it. A few days ago while shopping in the mall we were famished and looking for a place to eat and guess what we came across? Yes, you guessed right “Todai”.

This place was even better then I had suspected. Todai’s has a never ending amount of food laid out for you. Yes, it is a buffet style restaurant. And for me to say a buffet style restaurant is good (well, it is) because I am just not a buffet kind of girl. You will find a raw sushi bar, a cooked sushi bar (and yes this is all fresh and made while you watch) and out of everything Todai’s has to offer my favorite of course was the dessert area. They were all so amazingly unique and elegant. Everything was made into these cute tiny bites and tasted incredible. I wanted the recipe for everything. And at $15 a person well it is a steal as well.

Grade: A

Egg Drop Soup

If you are in the mood for Asian and do not feel like ordering take out why not make it at home? This is a fun recipe for the whole family to make together. I bet you never realized how easy egg drop soup was before?

4 cups chicken broth or stock
2 eggs, lightly beaten
2 green onions, minced
1/4 teaspoon white pepper
Salt to taste
A few drops of sesame oil (optional)

1. In a wok or saucepan, bring the 4 cups of chicken broth to a boil. Add the white pepper and salt, and the sesame oil if using. Cook for about another minute.
Very slowly pour in the eggs in a steady stream. To make shreds, stir the egg rapidly in a clockwise direction for one minute. To make thin streams or ribbons, gently stir the eggs in a clockwise direction until they form. Garnish with green onion and serve.

Yields: 4 servings