Cappuccino at home?

Now that gas is almost $5.00 per gallon it really seems quite silly (GUILTY) to spend that much daily on coffee anymore. As you know I am a coffee enthusiast and love all the varieties that the coffee world has to offer me but one thing that I just can not seem to get away from is a good latte or cappuccino. So it makes perfect sense to me that these drinks I love so much should be made at home.
Every high end store you go to you will find cappuccino makers. Yes, they are all amazing pieces of work but also very pricey. Several months back I got the Senseo one cup coffee maker. This one cup coffee maker is still on the top ten lists but sadly it is towards the bottom ten. I am well aware that the more expensive models do work better but this is great for everyday use, easy clean up, fast coffee and a cheap price.

What I love the most about my Senseo besides all that I previously mentioned is the wide variety of coffee (and tea) that I can make. Just last week I bought the cappuccino and espresso pods. These taste better much better then Starbucks! Now let’s compare the prices.
1 bag of Senseo cappuccino pods (containing 10 pods) cost $ 4.50 which round out to be .45 cents a cup
1 bag of Senseo espresso pods (containing 16 pods) cost $4.50 which rounds out to be around .29 cents a cup
OR you could go to some fancy coffee house and get the same coffee for $5 or more, plus the cost of gas getting there and back and let’s not forget the cups they use that are polluting our planet more and more.

And here is an exquisite cup of my homemade cappuccino.

*Senseo coffee system recieves a B

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  • Passionate baker...& beyond says:

    Yes please, I’ll have a cuppa too. Hi there Noor…I don’t know how you got yo my blog, but I’m glad you did…coz I’ve found you. ME cuisine is one of my favourites. Am off to explore…BTW, coffee is my all time favourite & this post is GREAT! YUMMMY!

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