I am in love with camels milk everything about it is as perfect as milk should be. When I told my mom about it she thought I was crazy. I really do not see the hype about not trying new things I mean it’s not like I am eating testicles or something after all. I have also wanted to try goat’s milk for quite some time as well. Have you all ever? I like to try new things so sue me.When I first got this milk thoughts were racing through my head with what recipes I could make. This one was actually the first on my list. How perfect would a cappuccino be with camel’s milk I thought?

Camel’s milk is naturally frothy. As your milking them they look like they are producing a freshly brewed cappuccino no joke. This particular milk came from my husband’s best friend’s family who actually owns the camels. They use the milk daily like most do cows. Honestly I have no idea why all the Gulf does not do this camel milk is much healthier and already in this region unlike cows it just seems like the natural thing to do, right?

I do not own a frother (although I plan to buy one) so I just used my hand held blender and blended away at the milk until I saw some froth. I even shook the bottle it came in and it started frothing like crazy, I love it. I poured my freshly brewed espresso into a cup and added my semi-froth on the top. Just like I suspected this drink was much better than with cow’s milk. The camel milk just has this really delicious sweet aftertaste that I love. You can use homemade strong coffee or espresso just work with whatever you have.

1 cup espresso or coffee (I used a Bodum espresso maker)
Sugar to taste
1/4 cup camels milk, frothed

1. In a coffee cup add espresso or coffee. Add sugar to taste and stir. Add frothed camels milk carefully on top, serve.

Yields: 1 cup

Yields: 1 cup

7 Responses to Camelccino

  • Salam sis,

    MashAllah that frothy camels milk looks so deliciously creamy, i wonder why we haven’t seen any famous chefs cotton on to the fact camels milk is far superior than cows milk?! If you have ever watched the cooking program chopped, i can imagine camels milk being 1 of the ingredients.

  • I’m impressed that you can drink camels milk. I just can’t bring myself to taste it which is weird since I’m passionate about eating real food.Your “camelccino” looks yummy. Enjoy!

  • If anyone knows where camel milk can be purchased in the states I’d love to know. Ive wanted to try it for so long!

  • Asmaa I am really not sure why it has not been played up that much its much better for you and taste much better as we all know. InshAllah I plan to do a lot with it.

    muslimathome thank you :) Its not weird I promise just milk and thanks..

    Stacy I am not sure but I hope someone leaves some tips actually I think I will try to find out myself for all of you.

  • You can order here in the states:

  • Assalamu alaikum
    I tryd camel milk once anddidnt really like it.
    My husband loves it and drinks it every chance he gets though :)

  • Oh man its pretty awesome and after you know how good it is for you how can you not drink it lol. My kitten hates cows milk (its bad for their tummies but she LOVES this lol).

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