Butter & Sour Cream Cake

This is my great grandmothers recipe. Every year when a holiday would roll around all of my family would meet up at my great grandmothers house. I was always excited because I knew she would make her famous coconut cake. Finally last year when I was pregnant I was craving this and got the recipe (made it and it was as fabulous as ever) and now here it is for you. I hope this becomes a family recipe for you as well. Enjoy!

1 Box of butter cake mix
1 (12 oz) bag of coconut, shredded

1. Bake the cake as directed on box using 2 cake rounds. When finished spit each in half so that you have a total of 4 layers. You can use a cake splitter or even dental floss will work just as fine.

1 (8 oz) container of cool whip
1 cup sugar
1 (8 oz) sour cream

2. In a medium bowl add whip cream, sugar and sour cream, mix well. Chill covered for 30 minutes.

3. Frost cake then sprinkle with coconut on the top and sides. Now you can not eat this cake (sorry). You MUST leave it in the fridge for 3 days before serving it or eating. TRUST ME! After 3 days this cake is superb but not a minute before will it taste as good.

Yields: 8 servings

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