BBD #46 Roundup

This month I was happy to host the 46th
bread baking day. I chose the theme ‘somewhere you want to visit’. What a fun
theme it was! As the entries for the month poured in I was more and more
excited. I mean these ladies throw down in the kitchen and then take an amazing
photograph on top of that. The entries are from all over the world and I was
thinking ladies let’s just get together and visit them all. We can leave the
husbands and kids at home. What do you think? Please take the time to show some
love for all the participants’ hard work and if you want to take part of the
next event here in a few days visit Parsley, Sage, Desserts, and Line Drives
wrote by Lisa. 


Turkish Puffy Bread by cindy star blog


Grofarbraud by Notitie van Lien


Irish Soda Bread by Judy’s Gross Eats

Italian Challah by Bread Experience Blog

 Silesian Wedding Poppy Cake by 1x umruehren bitte aka kochtopf
Japanese Cream Bread by Cooketteria 

Kesra by This Little Life of Mine 

Ka’ak bil Simsim by Maroc Mama 

Pita Bread by Anasbageri 


Chocolate Gugelhipf by Hefe and Mehr


Orange Chocolate Toasted Pecan Sticky Buns by Parsley, Sage, Dessert and Line Drives

Pane Sicano by Living in The Kitchen with Puppies 

Tangzhong by easier than pie


Limpa by Zesty Indian Kitchen


Bread Cones by SweetHeart DIary


Portuguese Bread Rolls by My Discovery of Bread

17 Responses to BBD #46 Roundup

  • Amnah - This Little Life of Mine says:

    Beautiful!! Loved seeing all the countries represented and such amazing looking breads. I really enjoyed being a part of this. Thank you for hosting!

  • Noor says:

    They were all just beautiful ladies and it was awesome getting to know you each a bit more.

  • NeverEver says:

    aww beautiful!

    I love bread anyway, so this all looks fantastic. The Irish Soda Bread looks like a huge biscuit!! So Yummmy, I want to give it a try. Also the braided challah looks pretty too :-D and the bread that looks like a big swirly S is so beautiful.

  • Jayasri Ravi says:

    Wow beautiful breads, I really missed this.., Awesome entries, book marked the page as I want to try some of them, you have a very beautiful blog, do visit me when you can..,

  • From Yeast to Zest says:

    God these all look amazing, when you first posted this I wanted to participate then I completely forgot about it.

  • Cindystar says:

    What an amazing bread trip around the world!
    Thanks for hosting with such a lovely theme, should give a try to each songle recipe! :-)

  • miss_dior says:

    yummy yummy.. i live in italy where bread is diffrent from region to region but i think that in Germany or Austria they have very very tasty bread… very nice post!!

  • Umm Hamza says:

    Salam Alaikom,

    Where was I last month I totally missed this!
    MashAllah delightful breads on display

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