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Without further ado I introduce you all to Circles & Circles the project my husband and I have been working on for over two years now. We found the perfect spot two years ago where we would put our shop, but it was an absolute mess. We had to rebuild the entire store which took time, but not two years. All the waiting was due to the never ending papers we had to wait for and also our baker to come from his country. And, then finally Saturday night we did something that we had been wanting to do forever and that was open the doors.

We are the only place you will find REAL NYC style bagels in Riyadh. A few places have tried to offer them over the past few months, but it was just round bread nothing like a bagel whatsoever. As of now we are offering everything (amazing), raisin, plain and sesame seed. We have every meat and vegetable you can imagine to fill with like salmon and we use only Philadelphia cream cheese and make our own blends in house such as blueberry, strawberry and many more.

Just wait it gets better! We also offer all of those favorite American coffee drinks we love back home such as Pumpkin and Gingerbread Lattes. I have the baker bake something new every day from my family recipes. So far, we have had Pumpkin Scones and nutella and Peanut butter brownies. For all of you westerners out there this is the real deal (I made sure of it) and you can have a little piece of home for a while at least.

We’re first time brick and mortar business owners and we’re really trying to make our little family business thrive in a world that is run by “the man”. I have a lot of ideas that I hope to bring into the shop, for instance I want to import stuff from the states and be able to sell it. Things like special coffee beans (ie: sugar cookie) and little things like that we all love back home.

We are located right next to Centre Point by Granada Mall next to where Caffa used to be. You cannot miss us. We also have a website right here and you can follow us on twitter or instagram. I really hope you all here in Riyadh stop by and enjoy it for yourselves.

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  • Lavender says:

    What are your hours? I will pass by tonight enshallah! (Can you pls SMS be the reply <3)

  • Aiza says:

    Good look with your endeavour. It sounds so good, a pity I don’t live near.

  • Asmaa says:

    As-Salaamu Alaykum Noor,
    Stunning artwork and I love the slogan, the bagel looks top notch too.
    May Allah give you all abundant blessing in your family business. Ameen.

    • Noor says:

      Wa Alaykum Salam, I cannot take any credit for the way the shop looks my husband decorated it all and even made that mural himself mashAllah. Thank you so much all of your kind words means a lot everyone.

    • Noor says:

      Anyone can come and order but only men can sit in the shop. Sorry we did not want it that way but it’s very hard to get a place for families or just women :(

  • Dania says:

    Shut the front door!! A REAL bagel shop in Riyadh! I am beside myself with glee right now. *sqeals* and bonus points for being near my house. Although I would totally drive (or ride rather) through the insanity on the roads for a freakin’ bagel. I’m there. Today. Husband doesn’t know it yet, but we’re eating bagels for lunch… and breakfast and dinner and lunch again and then dinner and breakfast…forever.

    • Noor says:

      Let me know if you got to go and what you thought. I hope you love/loved it and yay that it is close to you I am also near.

  • Yankee Doodle says:

    OMG I can’t believe this is you! I can’t wait to try your bagel place!!!!!!!! I’m hoping to feature it on my blog in Sha Allah :)
    Thank you so much for opening this place!!!!!!! Bagels are one of the things I miss about home! I stuffed myself this last visit ha ha

    Congratulations on the opening!

    • Noor says:

      Yay inshAllah you do and email me the link if you do :) I am so happy that we have been getting such a nice reaction about the shop it makes me so happy. I hope you love them :) and yes I ALWAYS missed them so bad.

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  • Renuka says:

    Oh gosh…is this for real…I was searching on google where can I find Bagels in Riyadh. AND i found dis…I m so excited….I was in NY for almost 4 years the one thing I miss the most is the hot bagel n cream cheese…. Just tell me the timings…I m jst there soon….

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