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I first found out about Arabian Coffees on Pinterest. From there I went to their website and was interested to try their coffees. When you visit the site you can see they have several coffees that are prominent to certain areas in the Arabia. I wanted to try the Riyadh blend and after only a week my coffee was in my home, fast delivery. I was surprised to see the blend was indeed true to Riyadh and filled with lightly roasted coffee and broken cardamom pods.

I had never thought to use the entire cardamom as they have done and was mad at myself for never thinking of this idea myself. Here in Saudi we use cardamom and have it ground especially for coffee (the kind for cooking is ground too fine to use for coffee). One of the team members had told me that I would be able to use this coffee in a french press if I desired so I really wanted to try it out.

I just used a 1 cup of hot water per 1 tablespoon of the Riyadh blend then allowed it to sit for 4 minutes like I would any other coffee and wow was I ever surprised. I have to admit that this is the best Saudi qahwa I have ever tried and also the easiest. I plan to turn my family onto this blend and I know they will be as sold as I am. So if you’re looking for the most perfect tasting and easy to make Saudi qahwa then this is for you.

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  • Salam, I am your newest follower, I looove Pinterest!

  • Wa Alaykum Salam I am guilty as charged as well :)

  • Salam alaikum noor,

    MashAllah your coffee arrived quickly, I never knew coffee could be that clear, I’d be interested to try this someday inshaAllah

  • lol I can’t believe you just posted this!! I bought a french press the other day and last night on a whim I thought “why not grind some gahwa and stick it in the press” I thought worst case scenario I only lost a spoon or two of gahwa. MashaAllah it was sooooo fantastic! It was probably the most successful batch of gahwa I have ever made and so easy and fast! Super happy :-)
    great minds think alike eh?

  • Asma Saudi coffee is only lightly roasted so its light green not dark.

    New Wife wow mashAllah. I LOVE my french press so I was happy to learn that I can get the best cup of Saudi coffee without much fuss as usual. And yes we do :)

  • Salaam Noor, how interesting to read their coffee culture. Love to try their coffees. Sadly, they don’t offer Moroccan or Algeria style coffee – many are missing out!

  • Wa Alaykum Salam how do is the coffee in Algeria I would like to know.

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