Another Iftar

I have told
you a million times how much my husband and I love eating at The Noodle House. It’s
a mix of Malay and Indonesian dishes two of our favorites. They have this lovely iftar menu where each person chooses an appetizer, soup, main dish and
dessert. It was a massive amount of food really but at that time we were all
for it. They brought fresh dates, water and Saudi coffee to us as soon as the
adan played so we could break our fast. 

Soto Ayum
is one of my favorite dishes ever and I have the recipe here if you all would
like to try it. That was a meal in itself to me and I took my main dish home. I
always order an espresso after we eat to go with my dessert because they have
the best espresso I have ever had. I adore the service they always treat us so well
each time we go and we know most of them by name. If you live in Saudi, UAE,
Oman, Qatar, Kuwait or Cyprus you should give them a try.

7 Responses to Another Iftar

  • kristin says:

    It all looks delicious! I wanna try that Curry soup inshaAllah! I tried to make a Thai Curry Soup once and it wasn’t so good, lol….

  • From Yeast to Zest says:

    MashaAllah now that’s a meal! They had a similar place in London only the tables were long and you ate next to strangers, weird but good food. Soto ayam is probably my favorite soup as well, when I first had it in Guam I thought it was heavenly until I bit into this weird bitter potato looking thing (GINGER) that I ate anyways because I didn’t want to be rude to my friend. The 2nd time I had it I was more comfortable with her and told her I didn’t like “that” vegetable and she laughed telling me you’re not suppose to eat it. OOPS! She served hers with these small rice squares.

  • Sweetheart Diary says:

    OMG… what a mouth-watering menu… I love your shots Noor, perfect!

  • Noor says:

    Kristin I tried it and it was made with coconut milk so it was not a taste I liked but dh said it was one of his favorites.

    Zelia when I was in Indonesia I ate at this soup house (they are everywhere Indonesians love soup) and I had the best ever it had these homemade noodles omg amazing. I have never had it with whole ginger it it though. And yea they usually have these little fried pieces of bread with them called rupa or something like that lol.

    Amna thank you :)

  • Zee B.Bad says:

    hi, my name is Zee (Zakiyah actually)i’m from Indonesia. Just want to share that Satay and Soto Ayam had a lot variation in our country.
    Almost every city had their own version, like Soto in my city is like the picture above, but in Betawi version…they add coconut milk or Lamongan version…they add small amount of blended tuna fish.And those fried little pieces not made by bread, it was actually coconut fried, some version using fried chips that made from prawn, etc :)

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