Al Nafoura


My favorite place to go during Ramadan and have iftar is Al Nafoura. We have been visiting during Ramadan every year since I first moved to Riyadh. I love the decorations they always have, they have great service and the food, ahh the food it’s just amazing. When you come in they offer you coffee from the dullah and then it’s up the stairs where you’re seated in a private room with a fish tank. You can just go around the huge buffet and get all your favorite foods and eat in privacy and then later on they bring tea around.


  • noor says:

    Yummm is this the seafood resturant across from centrepoint and home centre??
    Whats the cost of this buffet if u dobt mind me askingg looks delicious!

    • Noor says:

      This one is near Sahara mall, but on the opposite side, I think it’s around sr150 each.

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