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As you all know by now I love experimenting with coffee and the toys that make it. When I first started I bought a french press and loved it then soon after that I heard that the moka pot made even better coffee (sort of espresso). I loved my moka pot so much that I never used the french press again and started to find American coffee so watery and kind of dirt tasting. I was really happy with my moka until I heard from a blog friend about the aeropress.

I had really never heard anything about the aeropress and was curious because it looked pretty insane. I went ahead and bought one because I was pretty intrigued by it. One thing I really never liked about the moka post was that you’re actually drinking the oils which are very bad since it does not have any filter however the aeropress does. I could use the exact amount of water and coffee in each one and they taste completely different. It is kind of hard to explain but the aeropress cup just taste so clean and not bitter what so ever.

To use the aeropress you just boil some hot water, add your ground coffee into the tube, add the water, stir and allow to sit for a minute then you just press the tube down over your cup and that is it. I hate making it in front of my husband because he always laughs at me with all my ‘tools’ as I am pushing and frothing (my milk). I have even saw online that several cafes are adding this to the store so that people can make their own cup. Maybe we should set some up in our cafe? If you’re looking for a great coffee maker then this is what you want.

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  • I love the aeropress too, the grids make a difference, but yes, what a cool piece of coffee kit :)

  • oops *grinds* not *grids*!

    • What grind do you use? For the moka I always got espresso but I have started buying drip grind for this. And yes, it’s my favorite coffee machine I just love it.

  • I didn’t start drinking coffee until I got my Aeropress. I am a homestay host for Saudi students in the U.S., and every single one of them has been impressed with it. My engineering major friends especially admire it.

    • No coffee taste as good as an aeropress it is just so clear and clean. I am sure only aeropress drinkers get this lol. Yes, it is quite the little project I love how the pressure pretty much makes an espresso. Saudis love their coffee.

    • I just switch filters depending on whether I’m making Saudi coffee or some other kind. :-) I find that I get the more espresso-like results with a finer grind and the fresher beans. But if the grind is too fine, it can slip around the edges of the filter.

      I am so glad to have found your sites! My Saudi “son” loves to cook dishes his mom gives him the recipes for when he’s home for the summer, but he’s a college student and doesn’t have a lot of time during the school year. It always makes me happy to make him something he likes but didn’t know I knew how to cook. :-) I’m also a web developer myself and I will be reading your other site too.

  • I have never tried to make Saudi coffee with it but I should. I got a really great blend called RIyadh blend from the UK. I buy Starbucks Pike Place whole beans from Greece (they do not sell Pikes Place in KSA) and then I get it ground here on the drip grind so that nothing gets through my filters.

    What state do you live in? My husband was living in DC when we met so many Saudis live there. One thing about Saudis they love their own food always :) I am taking a look at your site now and I am happy you like mine.

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