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Brasa de Brazil

Every time my family and I travel to Khobar (the corniche area) we always enjoy eating at Brasa de Brazil. It has a beautiful setting on the sea so you get great food and a great view. If you’re not familiar with a typical Brazilian style restaurant basically they have a huge variety of meat and they come around and serve you what you would like. My favorite is Fogo de Chao which we enjoyed in Chicago, Washington DC and Atlanta and if you’re near one you should go, it’s so amazing.

My husband goes for the meat and I go for the massive salad bar so we both end up being pleased. This particular venue served grilled shrimp, lamb chops, lamb leg, ostrich, gazelle, camel, beef, fish and that’s about all I can remember. Ostrich is probably the absolute worse meat that I have ever tried while gazelle is by far one of the best in the world, Arabs love gazelle. If you’re not a huge meat eater like me then you should go for salad bar which has an array of salads, maki, and a buffet which includes items like rice, pasta and vegetables. They also have a pretty nice dessert bar.


  1. We lived in Khobar for 3 or 4 years maybe. I was the age of seven at that time and I don't remember many things. I remember the corniche and Al-Rashid Mall only.
    At that time Khobar was not a well-known city but I think it is more advanced now, isn't?

  2. All of the oil comes from the region and has Aramco so its the most advanced of Saudi. I love the vibe you get there its not uptight like Riyadh.

  3. Heehe I didnt know that the oil came from there, LOL, silly of me. I would love to go there again and see the place where we lived.