Al-Tazaj Iftar

Al-Tazaj is this amazing little chicken place that we have across Saudi Arabia. They have some of the best chicken that is infused with lemon and garlic. This is my son’s favorite place to eat and he always wants to go there. He went on and on about eating there this evening so that’s where we had our iftar. They offered everyone laban, dates, corn soup, samboosas and Fattoush to break their fast with and then we ordered chicken and fries. Of course you have to buy the basboosa since they have the best basboosa you will ever try, it’s so delicious.

Later on around 10pm my husband dropped us off at the mall. I love shopping during Ramadan the malls open after night prayer and stay open until 2am and they are always filled with people. I have always been a night owl anyway so it works for me since this is country that does everything late.


  1. From Yeast to Zest7/28/2012

    I still haven't tried their Basboosa but I love the chicken and rice, we usually only have it when we go to Mecca but they do have them here.

  2. From Yeast to Zest7/28/2012

    Have you tried the strawberry Almarai buttermilk? not the small ones it's like a 2riyal bottle. OMG, I want some for iftar now!

  3. Noor7/28/2012

    I have never tried their rice bc their fries are so good OMG you never had their basboosa GIRL nothing compares get some asap and buy more to take home lol. NO I have not tried that is it good I love strawberry milk so I am sure I would bc I LOVE anything milky :) NOW I do to thanks hehe.

  4. Noor7/28/2012

    btw I wonder how they do their chicken bc it taste just like lemon and garlic but you do not see it anymore or even injected in. Hmmmm..

  5. From Yeast to Zest7/28/2012

    I don't know about there but here and in Mecca dh was told all chicken is pre-boiled before frying or roasting to prevent any hajji's from getting sick, they inject the flavor at places like KFC. Dh hotel also has to pre-boil the chicken before they fry it.

  6. Noor7/28/2012

    Hmm I have no idea but the chicken is good here so it must be working.

  7. kristin7/29/2012

    Looks awesome!!!

  8. Asmaa @ Bake It...7/29/2012

    MashAllah I can't keep up with all your yummy postings <3 love them all

  9. Noor7/29/2012

    Thanks ladies yea I have been trying to post a recipe every day of Ramadan it is my busiest season after all :)

  10. UmmHafsa8/01/2012

    Oooooh Saudi laban, I love youuuuu (L)

  11. Noor8/01/2012

    lol I also love laban.

  12. Fatima8/09/2012

    jazakallah khair for your lovely blog. My husband absolutely loved their basboosa when we lived in Saudi. Any idea of a similar recipe?

  13. Noor8/10/2012

    I have tried but nothing ever duplicates it I think they 'may' our sweetened condensed milk over it.


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