Arabesq Sweets

Arabesq Sweets is the most divine Arabic sweet shop you will come across and is placed inside The Dubai Mall, my favorite mall. What I love about this sweet shop compared to others is that they focus on all of the regions throughout the Middle East. They have even have sections throughout the store where you can buy products (like serving trays, plates and such) from countries such as Oman. I love how they do this and you see people from all regions happy to find products are recipes they have not enjoyed since being back in their home country. If you find yourself in Dubai please do stop by you will not be disappointed. 

*Sorry for the picture quality they were taken with the IPhone.

5 fabulous comments:

  1. Sweetheart Diary6/25/2012

    Yum Yama Yum!
    Why are those breads shaped like that? The hole in them makes it look like a paint palette :P

  2. Noor6/25/2012

    I have no idea what region they are from but inshAllah someone will know and tell us. Pretty amazing right?

  3. Sweetheart Diary6/25/2012

    yes they are... Great pics btw. :)

  4. Familycook6/26/2012

    I would love to go to a place like this one.

    I believe the bread with a hole in it is the Kaak, a street bread from Beirut, Lebanon.

  5. Noor6/26/2012

    Thanks Amna although I do not think they are all that just Iphone pictures lol.

    Family cook yes your right:

    I thought it looked like Turkish simit and sure enough it is but with a hole on the side :)


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