Pappa Roti

My husband and I were driving down the road when he pointed out Papa Roti cafĂ© to me. I about jumped out of the car right then and there and made him swiftly pull over. Maybe you all remember my post about the most amazing snack I had a few years ago in Malaysia here. These buns are part of the Malaysian culture and no one makes them like Malays. It’s a rather weird food to describe but hey who needs that the taste says it all. These buns were exactly like the ones I had in Malaysia and I was so happy. I was sad to know they did not know the white coffee to serve along with the buns but they do have an amazing collection of other drinks such as organic Moroccan tea and espresso.   

I also hated that the location was for men only but oh well at least I got to enjoy my Malay favorite. My husband just informed me that they opening one across the street from us (happy dance). For about 25 riyals you get a bun with your choice of drink, much more expensive that Malaysia I must say but what can you do?

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  1. Paty's Kitchen - Cook with passion.2/16/2012

    Salam Noor..there are a few version here...Roti Boy.....and Mexican Bun...same process..same method but different name...These buns are great and should eat while it's hot..yeap it;s perfect with white coffee.

  2. Noor2/16/2012

    I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE them I ate 3 and got sick lol.

  3. Sweetheart Diary2/17/2012

    They look so yummy. And hey girl! I am going to bring a present for you ;) So wait for a day ;)

  4. New Wife2/17/2012

    are they sweet? they look like they have sort of a sugary crust or something...

  5. Noor2/17/2012

    Amna mashAllah your to sweet and now I am excited <3

    New Wife is weird to describe them bc its like you can not ever describe how great they are lol. It was kind of a crunchy texture on top that is kinda sweet and a bit of a coffee taste, the inside is so soft that I think they can not use regular flour maybe Japanese flour since it makes breads soft and light and the middle has butter and sugar SO GOOD.

  6. Kate2/17/2012

    They look delicious mashallah... what's on the inside??

  7. New Wife2/18/2012

    lol yeah, they look indescribable, but verrry yummy :-P

  8. Noor2/18/2012

    yea they are yummy


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