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At the end of the Summer I was approached by Sisters Magazine which is based in the UK and sold worldwide. The magazine asked me if I would be willing to work freelance with them monthly and I happily obliged. I received my first issue today and was so excited that I got a full two page spread as well as another page featuring a lamb recipe of mine. MashAllah the magazine is really nice and has so much great content in it.

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  1. Muneera1/09/2012

    Mashallah, Mabrook!! You totally deserve this!! I've been following your blog for quite some time and love everything you post!

  2. Noor1/09/2012

    Thank you so much, your so kind.

  3. adele neda1/09/2012

    mabrook, ur recipes are so lovely it was bound to happen some time!!!!!

  4. Jacqueline1/09/2012

    mashallah that is wonderful! :)

  5. From Yeast to Zest1/12/2012

    Mabrook, you deserve it. I remember us being newly weds and me showing you my husband published recipes, we were like "Wow" just trying to boil and egg and well look at you now. Congrats! I would sleep with it under my pillow if I was you and when I was feeling blue I would just read it and cheer up! :P

  6. Melissa1/12/2012

    Mashallah, that is awesome!

  7. Noor1/12/2012

    Thanks ladies you all are super sweet. Zelia I remember LOL I was the worse cook everrrrrrrrrrrrrr back them hard to believe I kinda know what I am doing now :P

  8. lina1/12/2012

    awwww mashaa Allah how cool is that Nour !! Mabrouk sis , this is wonderful .You deserve to be proud mashaa Allah :)

  9. um almujahid1/15/2012


  10. From Yeast to Zest1/21/2012

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Noor1/22/2012

    Ahh I read your comment about knowing my editor Huma but I did not have time to reply. Why did you delete it?

  12. Noor1/22/2012

    Thanks ladies your so sweet <3

  13. tnaseee3/07/2012

    Beautiful Work...so so proud of you. You earned this :)


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