Sep 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Saudi

{cupcakes from Cupcake in Riyadh}

{why does this always happen to your favorite one}

Today is Saudi Arabia's 81st birthday and man do Saudis love to celebrate. Just think of the traffic at the White house in DC on the 4th (yes, I have been in it woo fun) yet that kind of traffic every inch of almost every city in the country. If you’re brave enough to venture out then you will be stuck for hours. My family and I had to go out this evening to look for something’s and thought we could beat traffic but yea right we were stuck for hours and it was pretty horrible. We finally made it a short distance in hours and it was only around 9pm which for Saudi is early. People do not get out until around 9 here and usually stay out all night. The city gets crazy around this time every year with traffic, guys dancing in the street and LOTS of flags and green.

On the way home we passed a new little store called "Cupcake" and of course we had to stop. Cupcake stores are pretty popular back home but here they are just starting open. This one is the first one I have saw and a few more are about to open any day now. The store had regular sized or mini cupcakes and quite a few selections to choose from. Of course all the patriotic ones were popular today. Cupcakes always seem to make me smile, what about you?

3 fabulous comments:

The Black Jubah said...


Love Saudi and love cupcakes too, do you have a great moist vanilla cupcake recipes? I have tried a few, they're quite dry.

Noor said...

Wa Alaykum Sslam rahmat Allah wa barakato, You know my all time favorite cupcake recipe is here sis :)

Khadijah1782 said...

Assalaamu Alaykum sis! Yes, cupcakes make me smile. In fact, cake in any form makes me smile :) I think I especially love cupcakes because they usually have loads of fluffy frosting. This is making me hungry!