Becoming a Successful Food Blogger

Success is defined differently within each person. We should all try to succeed to our own limits not someone else’s. When I first started my blog I really did not have a good idea of what a good food blog would be, I had not researched or looked around what so ever. I just knew that I was tired of not being able to find all the recipes that I was looking for and I wanted to change that. Who knows maybe they’re was someone else out there like me looking for all the same recipes in one place.

I first started Ya Salam Cooking back in 2007 a few months after my son was born. When I had first started out I had the old Blogger sand scribe template, do you all remember that one and how ugly it was? I had no idea you could design a template yourself or hire someone else to do so. Honestly I did not even think the blog design, food picture or writing was important. I just thought the recipe was the only thing that mattered. Boy, was I ever wrong? My blog was a total mess. Although I had good ideas and recipes everything else was just bad. Around that time I happened to come across another food blog that had a Blogher ad on it. Interested I immediately went to the Blogher website to check it out. It was an ad agency for female Bloggers only. I went through the entire process to sign Ya Salam Cooking up and they accepted me. They must have saw the same hope in my Blog that I had because I am telling you my Blog was bad back in the day.

I started looking through food blogs that I found inspiring and would take note of how they set their blog up and all of the things they had on their blog. I added some of those things to my own blog. I think it was a year later that I had a semi decent design and that really helped but I was still holding back my blogs full potential. Through the years I realized that every little detail on a blog matters. I became a better writer, I had a good blog design and I tried to take better pictures. I think pictures really are one of the most important things a good food blog has. I was able to get a professional SLR in January of this year (2011) and it has truly helped my blog and the vision that I have had for it.

As I said another key element is writing. Try your hardest not to have any spelling or grammar mistakes. Give a little information or history about your dish and the ingredients. Type out the recipe so that it is easy to duplicate in steps and never place name brands in the recipe (ex: Nestle Chocolate). Always remember to write just chocolate and sure in your introduction you can write what brands you use personally. If you use someone else’s recipe give them credit (ex: adapted from Ya Salam Cooking). I am constantly finding other Bloggers who use my recipes and do not give me credit. It’s frustrating because I put a lot of effort into my recipes. The foodie rule of thumb is that if you change three or more of the ingredients or steps then you can call it as your own. Do not forget the rest of your blog though like the about me section. People love knowing more about the Blogger and feeling a connection with them. If a visitor does not feel that personal connection they probably will not stay very long or become a frequent visitor.

Another mistake I see food Bloggers constantly making is that they just start a blog and think people will come flooding in. It just does not work that way. If people do not know about your blog how will they come? You have to market your blog so that people can find it. Some ways that you can do that is Blogher, Foodie Blogroll, Baking is Hot, Food Gawker and Foodbuzz. A few of these have ads and I am constantly getting asked why I choose Blogher over the rest. My reason is that I have just been with them for so long and they have really got to know me on a personal level and I respect that. I like being able to ask someone a question if I have one. If you find a company that treats you and your blog that way they stick with them. All of the work I have put into Ya Salam Cooking has made me feel successful at what I do. I have several visitors per day, I get tons of emails of people showing me pictures or telling me stories of my food that they have made, I am lucky enough to have been asked to write for some very successful papers and magazines. If I can do this surely any of you can as well.

A few years into my blog I purchased the book “The Recipe Writers Handbook” and this past year I purchased “Will Write for Food”. These two books are a defiant must for a Food Blogger. I was taught how to write well just from reading those two books alone along with some of the tips that I have provided you with in this article. In the end, you should really measure your Blog on if it is something that makes you happy, if not change it. You should continue studying writing, food, photography and design throughout your Blogging career. Times and style are constantly changing and a good Food blogger is expected to change with them. Write what you know about for me I love all different types of food that has to do with mixed cultures that I have in my life. You do not have to stick to one genre if you do not want to, do what you want and always have FUN.

And one last thing, if your a blog reader please always let the Blog you follow know how much you appreciate all the work they put into the blog. You would not believe the work it takes to run a food blog. We write, photograph, design cook, we do it ALL. I will leave you with some links that will further help you and your Food Blogging career, they did me anyway.

The Pioneer Woman (what can she not help you with? She’s a great photographer, writer and the design of her blog is top notch)

Taste Spotting

Kevin and Amanda

Simply Recipes (besides being amazing at it all she has a great list provided for you as well)
And of course you can check out my own personal blog Little Pink Strawberries where I offer tons of tutorials.

7 fabulous comments:

Amie said...

I'm not a food blogger, but I think most of the tips you offered are helpful for all kinds of bloggers. Thanks!!

From Yeast to Zest said...

I really need all the help I can get, I'm also a huge fan of "The Pioneer Woman" I really need to read her blog more often. The problem with me is I lack confidence and after 2yrs I have yet to make my blog known anywhere, so thanks a lot for the lovely tips.

Noor said...

Amie thank you so much I sure hope it helps someone.

Zelia wow I am surprised you would say that you have always took such amazing pictures and had unique recipes mashAllah. You started off well and just got better I wish I could have said the same.

Chinese Soup Pot said...

This is a very well-written and resourceful article. Thank you for sharing this post!

Amna Afzaal said...

JazakAllah sister... this will really help me in future, but before starting off with anything, i must get those 2 books that you have mentioned. Are those books available at Jarir Bookstore? Writing down the recipes is the very important thing, and i want to first make my self perfect in that, then i will practice taking good pictures and after getting perfect in both these things; I will make an organized blog about it. :)

Noor said...

I have not saw them so I am not sure sis. I bought one from Amazon mail order in the states and the other is an Ebook I bought online. InshAllah you do well, I know you can :)

wedding photography said...

Create lots of interesting content and write up based on current events or what is trending. We will also need a good photography on food that we write about.

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