The Noodle House

Centria Mall, Olaya Street with Tahliya Street, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Tel: +966 1 2939969

At The Noodle House, which is in downtown Riyadh, you can marvel at the gigantic doors and an amazing view of the city. The Noodle House, in contrast, has an open area between the dining room and the kitchen, but no other particularly striking visual flourishes. Its aesthetic is uncluttered, almost monastic.

The Noodle house presents a wide array of various Asian dishes. Apart from being an excellent restaurant, it’s a brave one. It has chosen to be more obscure, more pure and more true to Asian culinary traditions, including some that aren’t especially well known beyond connoisseurs of Asian cooking.

As each dish arrived gorgeously composed, meticulously accessorized my palate and eyes were immensely satisfied throughout my experience. At the end of my meal I was greeted with fried ice-cream, mango pudding and my favorite chocolate Sumatra. What a beautiful arrangement of flavors to end a meal.

The service is simply spectacular at this establishment. The head and sous chef came out to meet and greet me and answered any questions I may have about the restaurant, recipes or themselves.

The Noodle House doesn’t come cheap, especially not the roasted duck and seared salmon, which is as terrific as it should be. There is a great attention to detail and it spans every facet of a meal. It’s just wonderful and I was promised the same royal treatment by the chefs any other time I may come. The Noodle House marked all three points in this picky foodies book food styling, taste and service.

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  1. I enjoyed the noodle house at least twice a week when I used to live in Dubai, but since it has opened in Qatar, I only had bad encounters and poor quality was the rule as it seems..

    Rather than that, it's true that Noodle house menu and drinks are wonderful

  2. The head chef here opened the first one in Dubai and yes hes amazing. I am sorry that Qatar is not as well that is really sad and I hope they can turn it up a notch as it truly is good.

  3. Yummy recipes and you have a lovely blog... following it.
    Amazing photographs of the dishes.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and hope you will continue doing so.


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